I am a visual artist, writer, and educator. In my artwork, I use a variety of mediums including oil & acrylic paints, charcoal, watercolor, and graphite to explore storytelling and societal qualms — I am particularly interested in the push and pull of imagination and reality, the labor of curation, and the act of consumerism. 
My work has been featured in the Cream of the Crop Artist's Gallery at MN State Fair, NEMAA's ART-A-WHIRL, and the Tower Arts & Literary Magazine, and the work of my middle school students has been exhibited at the Wauwatosa Public Library and featured in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards & the Wisconsin State Fair. My arts-focused writing has been published in In Studio Magazine, and the Weisman Art Museum. I'm currently working on a series of work exploring the act of curation through contemporary still lives. 
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